Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hoof in Mouth

                    I don't know about you but I have a big issue with putting my own foot in my mouth!
          We had some good friends over for supper one night, my wife had made a delicious meal. (her Mennonite background at work) After supper my wife told me to go to our basement and get a big container of ice cream out of the freezer.  I was to put a little beside everyone's piece of pie.  Both families were waiting patiently for desert when I opened my big mouth.  "Honey, this ice-cream is a little freezer burned."  She told me that it would be fine, get it scooped.  I told her again, "NO, this ice-cream is bad!"  My wife calmly informed her husband, "Hun, it's fine... they brought it."

          This picture above is my good ol' mare Karma, rolling to get rid of some pesky flies.  Looks like she is rolling with laughter!  I'm sure Karm and Coke have wanted to laugh at me many times.  After growing up on  an Amish farm, they know how real horse-drawn farm equipment should work, yet, they patiently endure my slow learning curve, as I try my hand at it.

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