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All books can be purchased through the author.
Under the Heavens $15
Catbird Singing $15
English River $15
Whispering to Horses $5
Amish Park $7
Springs of Love $11
Love's Thankful Heart $11
Plain Everyday Heroes $11
Add $3 for postage for one book and add $1 for each additional book ordered.

Send check or M.O.
Thomas Nye
P.O. Box 495
Kalona, Ia 52247

Under the Heavens, now available at:
Kalona General Store, Downtown Kalona.
Petals Flower Shop (1 mile west of Kalona on hwy 22)
Prairie Lights bookstore in Iowa City:
The Rug Cottage (Hwy 1 south of Iowa City):
JK Creative Wood (near Kalona)
Shiloh Farm Vintage Artiques ("Like" on Facebook) Richland, Michigan

Online: through Barnes and Noble, or Amazon (click on link below)

Here are a few book reviews:

This 1st one came through some great friends; they shared a copy of Under the Heavens with a close friend of theirs, who in turn sent them this text on his cell phone:

       "Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing one of the best reads i got to enjoy in a long time. Here i am in the paradise of Maui... But really behind two Percherons plowing a bean-field! What a fun read. The mixture of horses and scriptures was magical. Yes, i teared up when Lenny ... (I left this part out because it gives away the story) ... It made me wish i was born Amish and living in Iowa.    Ross"

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