Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spring Ride

 On my way home from Kalona the other day, I came up behind this Amish daddy, little boy, and little girl, out for a spring ride.

I always enjoy it when I have to slow down to "buggy speed" as a horse crests a hill. Not being able to pass, all I could do was enjoy watching this peaceful moment. This little "Sunday School" house was on my left, so I snapped a pic of that as well.

When I passed this family they all smiled and waived at me.
 Just beyond that hill, I came upon this lovely scene. Amish farms and an Amish school-house. (My horses, Coke and Karm, were born on the farm right above the school.) As I drew near the school I took this next photo of all the horses and ponies tied outside, waiting for their small owners to finish classes and take a peaceful spring drive back home.
 A few minutes later, I was pulling into my own drive, Karm and Coke were grazing out front.

The trees near our house are decked out in their spring bloom.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Morning Drive

        Last Sunday morning we drove to Kalona to meet up with my parents, sister and family at the Kalona Family Restaurant for breakfast. It's so peaceful on Sunday mornings in our area. The roads are almost empty except for Amish buggies heading to Church.
        This intersection was especially busy! There are 10 Amish districts in the Kalona area, which means that Amish families are gathering at 10 seperate farms for Sunday morning church services. The districts have something to do with area because it's pretty far to take a horse more than 10 miles. 
        Amish families will visit a neighboring district if they choose to. Sometimes they visit another service because of something special going on, such as a relative being baptized.

         After we finished breakfast we drove past this farm. As you can see, buggies were parked everywhere. The horses are all tied in a barn. One of my favorite moments in life, was when I stepped into a barn full (and I mean full) of buggy horses at my first Amish church service. For a person that loves horses, it was an unforgettable sight!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hidden Treasure

What benefits could you reap by reading an Amish novel? You might be surprised. The Amish Horses Series reveals treasures, hidden on an Amish farm. 

Our modern lifestyle has most of us reeling as we juggle our obligations in a life crowded out by the noise of social media. We feel pressure to continually check in with our email, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

Take a few minutes and step into a slow-paced, tranquil world. You'll feel yourself relax as you drink in the sights and sounds of of a farm-orientated culture.
Slip into the pages of the Amish Horses Series and you will learn something about how life ought to be cherished. Take instructions from an Amish grandpa as he teaches his grandson time proven wisdom on handling horses. 

While you enjoy the read, you'll learn something about farming with horses. Tag along with Lenny as he finds out what it's like to live in an Amish community, visiting church, Singings, Amish weddings and other youth gatherings.

Sit on the seat beside Lenny as he learns how to observe nature while driving horse-drawn equipment along the edge of a woods. Sunsets speak to his heart, drawing him into an understanding of himself, and of God.

Our Amish neighbors chose to abstain from all the modern conveniences we thought would make life better. The joke was on us. It turns out that life's most precious gifts are those sweet moments of natural beauty, close companionship, fresh farm air, and time. Time that can be enjoyed because of the choice to live a slower-paced lifestyle.

The Amish Horses Series takes you into the world of Lenny's Amish relatives. Step inside the barn with him and let his Amish family refresh you with their patient and kind ways. Discover the "Hidden Treasure" of a life well lived.

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