Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spring Ride

 On my way home from Kalona the other day, I came up behind this Amish daddy, little boy, and little girl, out for a spring ride.

I always enjoy it when I have to slow down to "buggy speed" as a horse crests a hill. Not being able to pass, all I could do was enjoy watching this peaceful moment. This little "Sunday School" house was on my left, so I snapped a pic of that as well.

When I passed this family they all smiled and waived at me.
 Just beyond that hill, I came upon this lovely scene. Amish farms and an Amish school-house. (My horses, Coke and Karm, were born on the farm right above the school.) As I drew near the school I took this next photo of all the horses and ponies tied outside, waiting for their small owners to finish classes and take a peaceful spring drive back home.
 A few minutes later, I was pulling into my own drive, Karm and Coke were grazing out front.

The trees near our house are decked out in their spring bloom.

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  1. peaceful, just what the soul needs