Friday, June 14, 2013

Chore Time!

       Anyone who ever spent time on a farm knows those words, chore time!
       My wife's dad is an older Mennonite man in his eighties and loves to tell stories of the old days.
       One Sunday, over a delicious home cooked meal he told me, "If you ever want to see something amazing, go to an Amish farm at chore time!"

He said that he had taken his push-mower to a local Amish farmer, who also has a small-engine repair shop. When he got there a young boy told him that "Dad" was gone but due to return soon. My dad-in-law decided to wait in his truck.
       He told me,"I was upset that I had to wait, until I realized I wasn't going to be bored! There were children everywhere doing a whole variety of chores. Everywhere, all around me! Some were feeding chicken, others feeding hogs. I saw a little girl, not much more than 5 lead a tall buggy-horse up near my pickup truck. I was amazed that she wasn't afraid to handle that big horse. She tied it to a hitching rack near my truck and left. Pretty soon she comes back with a screwdriver and proceeded to lift up each of that horses feet, cleaning them out with her makeshift hoof-pick." He laughed and repeated himself as he usually does. "That little girl picked up each of that big horse's feet and cleaned them out! I was almost disappointed when their dad came home and we loaded up my lawnmower."

       There are dozens of small businesses on Amish farms in the Kalona area!  I highly recommend taking a trip to any Amish community and doing business with the Amish.  I can almost guarantee you will come away with a great story of your own!  Just look for a sign along the road advertising rhubarb, brown eggs, rabbits, puppies, or a million other similar items for sale.

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