Sunday, November 22, 2015

Peace on Earth

With all of the violence in the news nowadays, I can't help but think that we all could learn a little something from the Amish.

What an iconic image of peace on earth, Amish children walking home from a one-room school house.

Do Amish children ever squabble while they trek a few miles through the cold toward home? Oh yeah, I wont say they never do. In fact, I have a story about that.

Our "English" neighbor lady told me that she saw a rather large lunch-pail setting on the side of our road. She had noticed a group of Amish children walking along that area a short time before, so she stopped in at the nearest Amish farm and asked about it. The Amish mother was rather embarrassed, but admitted, "That belongs to us. Our children take turns carrying one lunch pail that holds all of their lunches. They had a dispute about whose turn it was and our older son told his little sister, 'It's your turn.' and set it down. She refused to pick it up."

Our "English" neighbor asked, "Do you want me to pick it up and bring it to you?" The Amish mother said, "No, it will set there until our daughter finishes her chores and goes to get it."

If only this was the full measure of conflict in our world, what a peaceful life it would be.

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