Friday, November 13, 2015

Amish Farm Tour

Amish farms are peaceful. (near Shipshewanna, Indiana)

Gardens, livestock, and families working together. (northern Indiana)
Clothes on the wash-line in almost any weather. (Iowa)
Buggies, wagons. (Iowa)
Draft horses work and relax in green pastures. (Near Shipshewanna, Indiana)
Extended families live in close proximity with each other. 
Big barns, small sheds, pole buildings, and chicken houses.
Fences, fields, and wild flowers.
White farmhouses.
Ponds, windmills, martin houses. (Odom, southern Indiana)
Hay-fields (southern Illinois)
Silos. (near Arthur, Illinois)
Big houses with lots of children, and big barns with lots of horses. (near Nappanee, Indiana)
Peaceful  (Wisconsin)

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