Friday, June 19, 2015

My Favorite Blurry Pictures

 There is something about this picture that I love. I like how up close and personal it is, without invading anyone's privacy. The Amish are not looking for attention, however, that draws us to them even more. I like how you can see the driving lines in his hands and the female passenger's bare feet.
  Father and son, harnessing up a horse as part of their daily work routine. Maybe they're having a conversation about life, or working without words? When I drive by a scene like this one, I feel like I'm seeing a vision of my grandpa working with his dad in the early 1900s.
 I was heading down a highway when I noticed these children going for a pony-cart ride. I snapped the photo first, and then realized that they were on their way to look at a camel. I'm not sure if they are going for fun, or if it is part of their daily chores.
 My wife took this picture while I was driving slowly past an Amish Singing. It was a perfect evening and we slowed down because we could hear beautiful four-part harmonies. We could see into a long pole building filled with Amish young folks (that is what they call themselves), opposite this buggy scene. When I look at this photo, I can still hear their beautiful voices.

 I barely caught this moment, as an Amishman drove his four-horse team around a corner with a full load of manure. I like the action of his horses bumping into each other as they round the intersection. He really shouldn't let his driving lines drag like that... if he runs over them with a wheel it may jerk them out of his hand.
This photo is not only blurry, but crooked. These girls stopped at a four-way intersection and waited for me to go. I waved and they all waved back. I was hoping to catch their friendly gesture, but it didn't work out that way. I was also hoping that the buggy disappearing behind them would show up better. Oh well, I'm an author, not a photographer.

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