Saturday, June 27, 2015

Amish Children (and Ponies)

      Amish children seem to love their ponies! I drive by Amish homes everyday on my way to work and I regularly see Amish children riding or driving their ponies. I know that they often use them as a means of transportation, but I've seen too many riding around the farm to think that it is always about being practical.

     These Amish girls are taking their ponies over some jumps. The paint is a half draft yearling filly, she is learning the ropes while having fun.

We passed this group of Amish children driving a pony along a busy road in Indiana.
The oldest child looks about 7 or 8 years old.

        One cold fall afternoon, my son and I were waiting to meet up with some friends. We were in a car-pool parking lot near an Amish farm. We noticed a couple of children in a pony cart taking laps around their barn. I didn't think too much about it until we got out of the car and realized just how cold and windy it was. I was very impressed that those little children were taking a "joy ride" in that cold wind.
         One of our family ponies, Dusty. Two of my daughters are in the cart with some family friends. This picture was taken when we lived in Virginia, years ago. Our neighbors there were Old Order Mennonites. (They drive buggies but the men don't have beards and the women wear patterned dresses.)
         I stopped to take a picture of this herd of Amish draft horses (above) and a boy came around the corner of their buggy shed, riding a pony. (If you zoom in close you can almost see him) I can't help but think that his whole world is about horses. Obviously his dad farms with horses, they drive horses on the buggy, and he rides a pony for entertainment in the evening.

  I'm fiends with the oldest of these three Amish girls. They love their horses and ponies and I know they ride just for the fun of it, even if they also drive a buggy for transportation. They love to take their ponies over jumps.

This littlest sister is soooo cute... and her pony is cute too!

 There is nothing quite as cute as little Amish children, especially when you see them with their ponies. It's no wonder they become horse experts, they work, play and live with horses and ponies all day!

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