Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fathers Day Gift

 Most of us dads would be happy with a crayon-colored homemade card, and a big hug on Father's day. We wont be upset if you buy us another tie, or more socks. However, if you really want to get dad something unique, here's an idea. Send him on a trip to an Amish farm through the pages of a novel.
       If your Dad or Grandpa grew up on a farm, or visited relative's farms and wished he lived there, then he will enjoy reading these books.

       "Under the Heavens" is about a 16 year old city-boy who spends a summer on his Amish grandpa's farm. Main character, Lenny, is so scared of Grandpa's huge horses his pants are quivering. Wise old Grandpa knows just how to build up his grandson's courage and instill self-confidence. This is a story of restored relationships between a man, his son, and grandson.
       Lenny also meets an adorable Amish neighbor-girl and sparks are flying... but that won't bother your dad or grandpa, us old guys like a little romance. Lenny previously spent most of his young life watching TV, until he ends up out "Under the Heavens" plowing with horses, making hay, and experiencing a number of adventures on the farm. He discovers that actually living-his-life instead of watching movies, is more rewarding. Send your dad or grandpa back in time with Lenny for a summer on an Amish Farm.

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 Under the Heavens

If he really likes Under the Heavens, you are all set for the next few years. You can get him Book II, Catbird Singing, and Book III is on the way!

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