Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Amish Horses For Sale

Are you looking to buy horses from the Amish
I think I can help you!
I started this blog about one year ago, based on my own experiences of buying horses from Amish families. It has come to my attention that my "most viewed blogs" are those that talk about Horses for Sale. 
This is a Help Page,
  for those who want to know how to go about buying horses from the Amish.

 1) Horses owned and trained by the Amish are available for sale throughout much of the U.S.
Because most Amish communities don't have electricity or computers, it is difficult to find these buying opportunities online.  Don't give up there are websites that can help.

2) The easiest (and maybe the best) way to buy horses from the Amish, might be at auction facilities.  There are large sales held every spring and fall called Draft Horse Sales. These events draw many Amish sellers and buyers.  There are usually buggy and riding horses available at these sales also. 
        I will list some links for these sale barns, so that you can check the dates and locations.  I listed the Kalona Sale Barn separately, because that is where I have had my own personal success finding nice Amish families selling horses. (Good Horses) 

Buyer Beware!  Just because an Amish person is driving a horse through a sale ring doesn't mean they own the horse or even trained it. Many Amish are payed to drive horses through the ring because they are great horsemen, making horses look better.  Before the auction starts try to talk to the horse owner.  Most Amish people are very honest.  If you ask them straight out, they will tell you if they raised or trained the horse.

Kalona Draft Horse Sale

Multiple Draft Horse Sale Dates
 (Draft Horse Journal)   Draft Horse Sales

 3) If you want to buy from an Amish family on their own farm, that is quite possible!
It is actually very easy to find horses for sale in any Amish community.  For starters, horses are a huge part of Amish life, because of that anywhere there are Amish, there are horses.  Put that together with the fact that most Amish are excellent businessmen and love to wheel and deal!  One more feature of Amish communities that make them great places to do business is that they are extremely close-knit.  This makes it very simple to find what your looking for.  Merely stop at the first Amish farm you come to and tell them what you are looking for, more than likely they will know exactly where you can find it.
Here is a link to a website that will help you find the Amish community in your area:

 This book cover (shown below) features my own team of draft horses, purchased from an Amish family near Kalona, Iowa.  My novel, Under the Heavens, and future books in the Amish Horses Series, are based on my own experiences interacting with Amish.  Here is a link for book 1:

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