Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Clydesdale Horses

Clydesdale in show harness

       Clydesdale horses are beautiful! They were made famous by the Budweiser hitch, and for good reason, those Budweiser horses are amazing, unbelievable creatures. As with this horse pictured above, most Clydesdale horses are tri-colored, with lots of chrome (white markings.) This type of horse is bred up to pull a carriage or beer wagon and look fancy doing it.  I love that sight as much as anyone.  Because of all the recognition given to the Budweiser hitch, that is what comes to the average American's mind when someone speaks of draft horses.
Belgian horses

I have to say, this makes me feel a little irked on behalf of the horses that built America.
         This is a Percheron hitched with a Belgian
               a common sight on an Amish farm.       

      Percheron and Belgian horses are the faithful steeds that plowed our lands during the 17 and 1800s.  Even today, very few Clydesdale horses are used for farming in America. I know there are some but I personally have never seen a Clydesdale on an Amish farm. Yet, every time I tell someone in town, that I own draft horses, they always ask, "Clydesdales?"  When I tell them I have Percheron horses, most have never heard of them.
       Belgian horses are usually Chestnut or Sorrel in color. Ranging from what is called a blond to those that are almost dark red.

        Percheron horses are usually solid black or gray.  The grays start out black and slowly turn dapple, until they are almost white. This horse on the right shows off his dapple markings. This team of Amish horses below are almost white, yet, called grays.
My own Percheron horses, on the right, are the blacks. I like them the best, surprised?

I hope my Clydesdale owning friends are not offended by what I am saying here, Clydesdale horses are doing all of us draft horse people a favor, by keeping heavy horses in the media.
Karm and Coke
My team of Percheron mares

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