Thursday, November 14, 2013

Amish Woodworking Store

       This past summer I took my family to the Wisconsin Dells area for some family togetherness time.  They know that "their old dad" stops at any nearby Amish community to look around and this trip was no exception.

       We came upon this, County Line Woodworking, near Loganville, Wisconsin. We loved the place and bought several items that fit in our budget and our Impala.

       My son and daughter sat with me on County Line's front porch while we waited for their mother to finish shopping inside. We loved these handmade chairs! They were super comfortable gliders, I hope to own a set someday. You can see that the family farm is set just beyond the business, in this absolutely beautiful, hilly, Wisconsin landscape. I would love to live in this community (I love my Kalona community too!)

       While we were shopping, we told the girl working at the register, that we were from the Kalona area; she told us that she was going to Kalona in a few days. Turned out that she was friends with a family we knew. Her friend was from Kalona but was teaching Amish school near Loganville for a year. Small world? 
Well, that is the Amish world. Every time we have mentioned Kalona in another Amish community, there seems to be some connection, usually a close one too.
I added a few more Loganville area photos so you can see what a scenic place it is.

I left the pictures small to save space, click on them to see them better!

 If your in the area, stop at Carr Valley Cheese Factory, Awesome cheese!

My wife and I.

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