Thursday, May 30, 2013

Under the Heavens {Character foreshadow in Photos}

Thirsting of what's to come? Looking for a way to take a peek into Lenny's world? Although the book is entirely fictional it was built upon actual interaction with Amish over the years and a love for horses that has been over a lifetime.

We acquired Amish clothing, found a few willing "models", booked a session for an evening, and hitched up Tom's team! As a photographer and the daughter of the author I found myself praying an extra prayer on the way out for just the perfect skies as a backdrop for this session. The good Lord did not disappoint!

Does this get you all ready for a good read? It should! As one of the lucky "editor's" of the first draft copy of this book I was more than inspired to capture what my imagination was vividly able to piece together from this beautifully written story of a young man and his experience on an Amish farm one summer.

Keep coming back to this blog for short stories, personal experiences with the Amish, a glimpse into my Dad's team and much more. This blog is designed for you to get to know my dad as more than an author of a stunning book series, get to meet him as a good friend!
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