Wednesday, May 15, 2013


       My horses, Karm and Coke, have finally shed their winter coat! We had temperatures in the 90's yesterday. I brushed my Percheron mares in the evening and winter hair was coming off in globs. I could tell they enjoyed getting scratched all over with a curry comb, they stood quietly nodded as though trying to reciprocate.
       If you have ever watched horses groom each other in the pasture, you'll notice they each nip at the same spot on their partner. That way they know where it itches! If I chew on your lower back, that means, I want my lower back chewed on (in the horse world). Well I notice, when I'm brushing my horses, they get a chewing motion going as if they want to groom me! I have them tied, so they can't reach me. I'm sure it would hurt anyway, if they nipped on me like they do each other.

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