Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Cowboys and Amish Girls

What happens when a rodeo cowboy crosses paths with an Amish girl in a runaway buggy?

Truman (the cowboy) is trying to figure out what went wrong between him and his cowgirl, and how he can win her back.

Charity (the Amish girl) is wondering why she isn't like most Amish girls.

When Truman and Charity began to offer each other advice, sparks fly, and it turns into a comedy!

Charity's dad says, "Cowboys and Amish girls are like vinegar and oil, they don't mix!"

Truman tries his cowboy tricks on Charity's ornery horse. Charity's brothers pull a few tricks on their cowboy visitor.
Join this vinegar and oil duo on an unexpected adventure, in Cowboys and Amish Girls.

Cowboys and Amish Girls, one of three fun stories in...
Springs of Love


  1. Great blog. Love horses and I think they go great together. Love to read this.

    1. Thanks, Diana! Cowboys and Amish girls? Or, Amish and horses? Either way I like your comment! :)

  2. This story was my favorite of the third!

    1. Thank you Debbie, I'm so happy it was fun for ya!