Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Favorite Picture

 I was sitting in the parking lot of an Amish bakery shop eating an amazing doughnut while my wife picked up a few more items. This little Amish boy climbed out of the buggy parked beside our car and stood next to his family horse. He called to his brother who had walked over to the wash-line yonder.

Later when I looked at my phone to see the picture... the young guy seemed to disappear right before my eyes. At first I was really disappointed, because I was sure there was a boy in the picture, then all at once he appeared again. That is when I realized I had two pictures, one with a boy, one without.
If you are ever in the Kalona area, make sure to stop at the Golden Delight Bakery. I'm convinced they make the best doughnuts in the whole wide world! The bakery is located about a mile north of Kalona on a gravel road. Watch for the sign along highway 1 north of town.

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