Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dogs Love Bluegrass

Dogs who live in Bluegrass homes are happier than those who live in Rock-n-Roll houses.

Our Dachshund, Lucille
(she prefers to go by the name Lucy)

Okay, this is just a theory but I'm sticking with it!  I'm also gonna guess that cats prefer Classical music, though some may love Country. There have actually been studies done that prove plants grow better in an environment of Classical music -vs- Rock-n-Roll.  Don't get me wrong, I myself listen to all kinds of music, but I was listening to some Bluegrass this morning, while writing, and my little Dachshund seemed especially happy. That's when my theory about dogs and Bluegrass was born.

One time, a few years back, I took my team of draft horses back to the Amish farm where they were born.  The Amishman that sold me the horses had asked if he could use them to do his spring plowing.  I used my brother-in-law's horse trailer and took Stonewall and Jackson to the Amish farm before heading to work at the Post Office.  I arrived at daybreak and didn't see anyone around.  A generator was running so I knew that milking was underway.  I headed into the milk-house and heard singing, but went unnoticed.  Several teenage girls were milking cows and singing hymns in German.  I stood and listened, afraid to be noticed, knowing that the beautiful moment would end as soon as they saw me.  It did.  I'm quite sure that hymn-listening cows produce much more milk than cows who are forced to listen to staticky radio. Especially a radio talk-show with some guy yelling about his views on politics.  What do you think?

I will admit that I've known some real rock-n-roll dogs, but most seem to be born for bluegrass.

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