Thursday, September 11, 2014

Amish don't go to the State Fair

 I asked this gal how she got the job of policing the State Fair on horseback.
She said a rodeo friend got her the job.
 This is a, sign your name on the "State Fair Horse!"
I spent the whole day at the State Fair and didn't see one Amish person.  Check that, I talked to one guy that grew up Amish and now drives a six-horse show-hitch. (that is common) Sometimes I see Amish people at Fairs and other public attractions but not often.  The Amish friends I know, wont be a part of any type of competition, including 4-H shows.

These sheep are all cleaned up and ready for the show ring.

I grew up in the 1960s, when there were still "Old McDonald" farms around.  I miss the glory days of the old-fashioned farm, when everyone had diversified farming practices.  That is what sparked my interest in the Amish... they are still farming that way and I love it!

 Every child should get a chance to try milking a cow by hand!  The Iowa State Fair offers that opportunity... the only charge is that you have to wait in line.

Here are a few more random pictures from the Iowa State Fair.  I bet these manure carts have been in use at this Fair since before I was born in 1961 what do you think?

If you click on these smaller pictures, you can see them full size.
Of course, I motate to the horse barn!

No visit to the Iowa State Fair is complete without seeing the Biggest Boar and Biggest Bull.


  1. It's a very very sad picture to see the sheep (lambs) tied up like that. Why are there so many stories of the Amish being cruel to their animals?

  2. As you may have noticed, the title to this blog is "Amish don't go to State Fairs" This picture was taken at a State Fair and had nothing to do with Amish. It seems like profiling to me, to connect any personality type or attitude to a whole group of people. Some things may be more common in certain cultures than in others. When we get to know people well, we began to understand more about them and why they may do things we don't understand. Very often we find what I found about the Amish, most are very kind, gentle people. :)
    As far as the picture goes: I'm not a sheep person but I think they are only held this way for a short time, the way your vet may have to carefully hold your dog while cleaning teeth.