Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Under the Heavens (in pictures)

 Here are a few pictures that provide a glimpse of the world Lenny enters in my novel, Under the Heavens.  One of my main goals for putting together this blog, was to share pictures that would help those who are reading the book to visualize what they are reading about.

 Lenny takes plenty of buggy rides along quiet country roads, heading to Church, Singings and volley-ball games.

He also spend a lot of time making hay with his cousins.  He enjoys looking at the cathedral type space in a hay-mow as well as the glory of the sky out in the open fields, Under the Heavens.

 This picture of Lenny seated on a "fore-cart" was taken the same day as the cover photo.  As you can see, Leah has just climbed the fence to go visit with her new-found-friend and of course... to pet Tug and Train.

 I took a picture of this farm house above, when at Amish Acres, in Nappanee Illinois.  It seems like the proverbial "perfect" Amish home, very much the way I visualized Uncle Alvin and Aunt Lydia's place.
 If you're going to spend all day in your garden, it might as well be made beautiful with plenty of flowers.  This is a "Grandpa House" like the one Lenny's grandpa and grandma live in.  There is a large Amish home next to it and happens to be a few miles from my place, in the very area where the novel is set.

 Harness hanging on a wall behind a large black Percheron.

Lenny spends the first part of everyday walking down to a creek to gather in Alvin's dairy cows.  These cows here are actually standing in a little pond trying to cool off in the heat of an August afternoon, but it reminds me of Lenny's trips to the creek.
Yoder Towers
This is the actual feed mill I had in mind, while writing Under the Heavens.
This grain elevator/feed company used to be named, Yoder Feeds, and these elevator towers are still called Yoder Towers by locals to this day. There used to be a giant Y in the white painted area, on the highest tower, just as described in the book.

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