Sunday, May 18, 2014

Do over!

Life is full of things that need "done over."

Karm and Coke stand patiently waiting to go out and do a little work.  Last year, Karm, Coke and I worked hard tilling up a weedy section of pasture and sowing grass seed in it.  After somewhat of a drought and then an incredibly hard winter, our hard work must be done over.  And it looked so promising last spring when fresh new grass was growing.  Have you ever poured hard work into something, only to have to re-do it?
You can see from the pictures above and below, that all we have to show for our last years efforts are a few dandelions.  In my novel, Under the Heavens, main-character Lenny plants a row of soybeans and wants do it over.  He realizes that some jobs just can't be done over.  Once you plant seeds in the ground, they will grow where they are planted, straight row or not.

Recently, Under the Heavens, has been reviewed a number of times.  My reviewers have been kind, but they have also pointed out to me some of my own "crooked rows" and exposed my area's of weakness.

When I read those more critical reviews, it's easy to get bummed out and loose my confidence as a writer.
 Instead, I need to take their views and learn from them; unfortunately, I cannot re-do my novel.  A part of me would love to try and "do over" what I have learned could have been improved on, it's too late for that.  My plan is to take what I learned and move forward.  I need to put those lessons to use in writing my second novel ( un-named sequel to Under the Heavens), remembering to continue what people like about my writing and change what is needing improved upon.  Furthermore, I need to remind myself that writing is a creative work, not everyone will relate with or enjoy what I am trying to communicate.  The hard part is separating "constructive criticism" from "differences of opinion" I'm working on that.

Karm and Coke, enjoying a sunset with me as we finish our evening work.
Here are links to a review in the Cedar Rapids Gazette and on Amazon.

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