Sunday, September 8, 2013

Barn on Wheels

        The other day, I was finishing my chores when I noticed our local electric company, Farmers Co-op, was pulling in our drive.  They told me they were shutting our power down for a few hours, I didn't ask why. My elderly neighbor, Leo, stopped in on his daily walk by our place and told me that our Amish neighbor, a mile and half down the road east of us, was having a corn crib moved from a few miles west of our place.

A little bit later buggies started coming past our place, I snapped a few pictures out our front window.

I headed outside with my cell phone and got some pictures of the corn crib going past our place.

 It looked like everyone was having a great time when the buggies all came back past.  There was a buggy with a whole group of young boys and another with a lot of little girls, pictured above.  One had a three teenage girls in it, also pictured above.

About an hour later, my wife and I were on our way to town and passed by the place the corn crib was moved to.  Here are pictures below of its final resting place!