Monday, August 5, 2013


            I swung by Shipshewanna Indiana on my way home from visiting my mom in Michigan.  These Belgian horses were part of the amazing vistas everywhere around me.  I really enjoy driving around the countryside looking at Amish farms and YES Amish horses.

           I stopped at this book store that sells books about Amish.  Hopefully my book, Under the Heavens, will be on a shelf here when it comes out later this fall.

          There are buggy rides available behind the Blue Gate restaurant and Bakery, in the heart of Shipshewanna.  The Blue Gate restaurant has amazing food, you have to try their Amish peanut butter, apple-butter and amazing pies.

          These buggy rides seems like fun too!  There are Amish buggies and local "plain-people" riding bikes throughout the streets of this little town.

           This is a great place for a day trip, I am thinking of planning a week long visit sometime.
           I was entertained by seeing buggies stopping in at the gas station and by the attendant who kept coming out to scoop up all the buggy exhaust.

           I'm not sure if the man giving horse drawn rides is actually Amish but I'm gonna guess that he is! (Pictured below)

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  1. What is the latest update on getting your book published?

  2. I signed a contract with CrossLink Publishing House. They have the manuscript and will edit in stages, due to be released before Christmas!