Saturday, July 27, 2013

Road Apples and other signs your nearing Kalona

Road apples, a little nickname we Kalona people give to what horses leave behind.
Also known as buggy exhaust!
This is a good sign you are nearing Kalona.

The Cheese House, known to the locals as "The Cheese Factory"
famous for squeaky cheese curds!

A large variety of horse drawn vehicles.
This is a horse drawn sprayer. 
(vehicles like these leave road apples behind)

Signs along the road, reminding us to watch for horse drawn vehicles.

Dozens of signs advertising home grown products, almost exclusively Amish signs.
(My little time-machine S-10 pickup can be seen in this picture)

Just past the "rumble strips" you roll up to the "Four-Corners" 4 way stop.
From here you can see our famous, Puller Inn motel,
JW's grocery,
and English River Pellets.

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